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socially awkward BRATWURST
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Hello here~!

Let me introduce myself, or at least try to.
I'm Russian, but also can speak English and German and you can call me Mowwiie in different ways or Ludwig or whatever you feel comfortable with.
I'm 22 y.o and like to spend my free time drawing or taking photos or do some cosplay. I love to chat, so feel free to add me on skype or write me a note (I don't bite, well, maybe a bit).

I imagine with music Stamp by tastelessfate.: Read the comments :. Stamp by Beti-KotLove to make OCs by railaI make stupid faces II by blueheart29Stamp: I Know Canon by virusqIch spreche Deutsch by Tifa22


Le sketchdump 2k15 of tumblr things by Mowwiie
Le sketchdump 2k15 of tumblr things
Bunch of things from my tumblr in no particular orded, with Rosa, Vilma and Fina./Some Rosinante/Corazon too/ Also featuring 
:iconhisohisokate: OC Levee
:icontigerbites: OC Syd
:iconpeanut-unit: OC Astra
:icondidgeridoos: OC Jordan
:iconmranhimosity: OC Jake

Hope you like this.
OP: Serafina's abilities chart by Mowwiie
OP: Serafina's abilities chart
I'm no good with stats TBH DDDD8
But thank you :iconklexenia: for this useful chart, re-did it like twice to figure it out correctly. :heart:

So, that's Fina stats at her post-timeskip age of 37. Don't fuck with that woman who's planning to be a fucking admiral. That's a no-no.

Character Skills

Charisma:  Fina at her finest is one dynamite's gal. She has fine leadership abilities, is liked and respected among marines and feared and known among pirates. She handles her character well and has this specific strong aura around herself.

Morality: She has a strong sense of justice, though a little weird much as Garp has. She's dead loyal to her family and a little less loyal maybe to the marines, since all that happened to her, but still responsible for a lot of people and she handles that as well as she can.

Knowledge:  When it comes to knowledge, Rosi was always the one who had it as a strong side. Though Fina likes to read and was educated, her knowledge possession is mediocre.

Intelligence: good and fast learner, can take decisions quickly and operate her own experience, ties facts good together, since her intuition is also good.

Empathy: She's a heart of a lioness. She's very compassionate, well more compassionate than he was, can't stand suffering of others. Being around her kids made her more hearty person.

Humor: not really a comic person, tends to be serious and has a sarcastic sense of humor. /Bonus points come from the ahoge, aahhaha/

Condition/Physical Skills

Distraction: Not really good at distracting, but when she wears a skirt, her looks totally work for that. Is more into provoking her opponent than sweet-talking.

Dexterity: Quite dexterous, though her temper sometimes gets in her way. She's more straightforward to be honest.

Intuition: Has very good instincts and intuition, which affects her dexterity and haki-mastering. Is into improvisation, always, though no one knows when a plan can go wrong. 

Constitution: strong-built, can handle much damage during battle /thanks to that still alive after Doffy/, has a good metabolism which leads to her body to recover fast.

Speed: Fast-reactions, speed is her second to be proud of skill. Look at those legs, they run fast.

Brute Strength: EXPLANATION AHOY. Yes, Fina is incredibly physically strong and it's a nature attribute she obtained from her parent's bloodline /and her kids have that also/. Much like Whitebeard was naturally physically strong, she is and she doesn't take that as a given. She's well aware of her power and it took her time and Garp to keep it under control. This is however her key skill in battle.


Defense:  "Can't touch this", tu-du-du-du -tudu -tudu. Explicitly good at self defense, life taught her that.

Offense: can beat the crap out of everyone. Her brute power and experience in numerous battles against DF users, wide range opponents and even giants combined make her a fearful opponent.

Devil Fruit: has no DF yet. If she ever does, all hell gonna break loose.

Hand-to-Hand: Rokushiki mastery, she's more focused on hand-to-hand combat, though her attacks can be of different range.

Haki: has only 2 haki types, learned to be fairly good with both of them, though her Observation Haki is slightly more strong than Armament one.

Weapon: basic knowledge of marine weapons, that's it.

Fighting Range

(Preferably close combat|various range attacks with same destructive power)


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