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banana senpai
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Hello here~!

Let me introduce myself, or at least try to.
I'm Russian, but also can speak English and German and you can call me Mowwiie in different ways or Ludwig or whatever you feel comfortable with.
I'm 22 y.o and like to spend my free time drawing or taking photos or do some cosplay. I love to chat, so feel free to add me on skype or write me a note (I don't bite, well, maybe a bit).

I imagine with music Stamp by tastelessfate.: Read the comments :. Stamp by Beti-KotLove to make OCs by railaI make stupid faces II by blueheart29Stamp: I Know Canon by virusqIch spreche Deutsch by Tifa22


Little Feet meets Fists of Love by Mowwiie
Little Feet meets Fists of Love
First Round entry at :icononepiececontests: with a theme of "Little Feet"

Serafina's childhood had so so many possibilities to be lightened with many other things, but there were just too many tbh. And deadline strikes as usual so I stuck with my initial draft.

She was given to Garp before he even experienced being a grandfather. Given his "amazing care" he takes of his family, he wasn't happy to have some relatively stranger kid hanging around. Even if no one except him could handle her. Even if it was his duty. They started out pretty harsh because of that, and she often got "Fists of Love" in her face. //Not like it really calmed her temper to be honest//. Yet she followed him around and needed his approval like every child would, even if she denied that. He was sorts of a fatherly figure to her, even if he didn't bother himself too much with her, while Fina was still a chore girl.

You can say they both are worth each other and you're probably right. Later, when Fina saw how Rocinante was treated by Sengoku (he didn't send him flying or at least didn't punch that's for sure) she envied them, because she wanted to prove herself worth some sorts of praise from the old geezer. That would happen much later, when she's an adult, and it'll come unexpected and it'll be both painful and satisfying. But for that time she's a "snot-nosed brat" with a teacher of quite questionable qualities.

Probably Sengoku stopped him in this one from committing crimes against under-aged cadets.

Monkey D. Garp belongs to :iconeiichiroodaplz:  as does OP in general.
Serafina belongs to me


Name: Battista Serafina 
Affiliations: Marines, WG
Crew: G-9
Position: Vice-Admiral
Epithet: Lionheart
Age: 35 [Pre-timeskip]\37 [Post-timeskip] 
Sex: Female 
Race: Human 
Origin: unknown place in New World.
Orientation: Demisexual
Status: Alive
Date of Birth: 4th of August 1487 AOP 
Bounty:  N/A
Devil Fruit: N/A 


OP OC - Serafina by Mowwiie
Height: 6' 1"/185 cm
Eye color: gunmetal blue 
Hair color: dark mahogany brown
Complexion: tanned, tawny.
Physical traits: athletic build, muscular, long curly hair usually kept free and messy [has a least one stubborn curl when kept braided], mole under left eye.
Scars: Right side of her neck, left shoulder, a large scar under bust, a lot of small and medium scars on her back.


Likes: her family, coffee, silence, smell of a certain brand of tobacco and of wood, combats. 
Dislikes: people who try to intimidate her or control her actions, rush, herbal tea, snow, loud noises.

  • Independent - Serafina hates to be dependent or be ordered around. She enjoys the liberty to take her own actions, which is one of the qualities higher-ups dislike in her. Though that ability of operating alone and making quick decisions makes her very mobile and unpredictable. She has a sharp mind and her experience helps her operate with most efficiency in the New World.
  • Compassionate - She understands the suffering of others very well and can't stand it. She's always eager to help and protect those who need it, that still is reason number one she's a marine. Fina is emphatic and even though her understanding not always finds polite ways of being shown, she's eager to do anything to comfort a person. 
  • Reliable - if something is trusted upon her, it'll most likely be done with all effort it'll take. She never goes back on an agreement and is very trustful person. She's well respected among the marines because of that even despite her behavior. She's always up to prove that she can do what is expected of her, the other thing being the ways she chooses for that.
  • Just - has a very strong tho peculiar sense of justice. She tries to be just in what she makes and follows the inner code she's set, so her conciseness can be at ease. Though usually she can tell right from wrong and behave as justice associate in the most situations and can easily calm all the quarrels of her subordinates. 
  • Erratic - her independence and choleric nature makes her behavior very much eccentric. She is hard to predict - that's why she can't get a proper promotion. She has a peculiar mindset not every person can handle and understand, much like her former mentor - Monkey D. Garp.
  • Vengeful - never forgets insults, rudeness, or someone hurting people she loves. Much like an outraged lion will she seek revenge on those people sooner or later, with all she's got. It's highly unlikable she'll just forget something or forgive her enemy.
  • Reckless - From her youth on she never truly understood the limit of her own abilities, the overwhelming physical strength made most of her battles pretty reckless, even out of good or altruistic intentions. She doesn't know how to hold back and now, sadly, there's no one to stop her from running into trouble.
  • Ruthless - when outraged or dealing with criminals she knows no mercy. No pity is shown to her fiend, that's why she's notoriously called "a scary woman" by many pirates, acquainted with her on the battlefield. In a cruel world such as she lives in the stronger survives, and she is not taking second chances and let herself being devoured by it.


Mother:  A former pirate, Bernardita Battista [img] left infant Serafina at Marineford to protect her. She's a very sturdy woman, who is now settled at her home Island of Tollan keeping an apothecary. Being reunited with her daughter after more than 25 years of separation didn't change her character to the best. They have a very complicated relationship, but being with her grandchildren softens her heart a lot. Alike Fina, she possesses brutal physical strength, but not as much as her daughter. Has rather calm and sarcastic personality, smokes a lot.
Father: [img] Never spoken about, all Fina knows that he was a notorious pirate, who caused a lot of ruckus in the New World during Roger's era and was pursued by WG and Tenryuibitos and executed by them, so her mother had to flee with little Fina in her hands. 


Marcela Battista: Serafina's younger daughter [img]. Actually she and her brother have a few minutes difference, but she's still considered a younger one. Much like her mother and grandmother she inherited brutal physical strength. She's very shy and awkward to strangers, but due to her kind-heart personality she overcomes that fast. She has quiet manner of speaking and is mostly calm and collected, unlike her brother. She loves her mother very much and treasures the hat Fina gave her when she was about 3 y.o. She intentionally tries to suppress her strength but it makes it only worse, so she often has "slips" which turn into rage attacks, when she can beat up her opponent and bring immense destruction to her surroundings. Only her brother can calm her in those moments. She does cry a lot when upset or afraid. 
Miguel Battista:  Serafina's elder son [img]. Self-proclaimed protector of his sister, he possesses a lot less of the exceptional family power, but still is a very sturdy child. He's loud and outgoing and surprisingly popular with town girls. Being the only "man" of his family, he's very protective, thrifty and level-headed. But taking after his mom, he's quite short-tempered. He often misses her but tries to take care of the family in her absence. He secretly trains with his grandmother to become strong. Lacking a fatherly figure, he is sometimes very rude and harsh on others, but so much tsundere when it comes to being praised. Is afraid to seem powerless or intimidated, so rarely cries and tries to suppress his overwhelming emotions.
Love Interest: 
Donquixote Rosinante - her first and only best friend with whom she started a relationship later. She'd known him since she was 6, when he was taken in by Sengoku and he was the first person to befriend her, even though not without some difficulties and time. They basically grew up and experienced a lot together going through marine training. She was always there to comfort him while he was her conscience and voice of reason. Having a strong bond over the years resulted in developing a romance interest during their late teenage years. They continued keeping in touch secretly during his infiltration on occasions, she often went after Doflamingo pirates according to data given. 


Weaknesses: her family is a major weakness, mentions of Rosinante and Vergo, also her temper sometimes fails her in battles /which can make her illogical and raged and dangerous for the people around/. No DF is also considered by her as a weakness, since she needs to obtain it for a promotion.
Fighting Style: Rokushiki - due to her physical abilities, that was the first thing she mastered as a marine apprentice. Taught by Garp, she survived rigorous training to excel at all six of the techniques. Adding her born with physical strength, she's a serious opponent to ever go on a hand to hand fight.
 2 skills she acquired during timeskip are cooking and knitting. 
Physical/Mental Illnesses: N/A

Battista Serafina - Application
A preparation stage application of Fina~
For bigger/fuller info you can follow the link in the journal or here  -
Ten Ling Tou - Abilities chart by Mowwiie
Ten Ling Tou - Abilities chart
Your local Mary-Sue shop is working fine cause I have nothing to do with my life. But I don't care. :iconimsotiredcryplz:
I am leaving things for people to guess...I guess. XD And I don't regret making this amazing old-ass lady with beautiful character traits and stuff, bye.

Basic data

English Name: Ten Ling Tou
Japanese Name:  テン リン トォウ
Romanized Name: Ten Rin To~ou
Ephitet: Intangible // Kingslayer// Yellow Hornet
Age: 72 [Pre-timeskip]\ 74 [Post timeskip]
Date of birth: 10th of September
Affilation: Kaido
Occupation:  information broker, assistant, messenger, "Hannamachi" island owner.
Bounty: 700.000.000 beli

Physical Appearance

Height: 207 cm/ 6' 9"
Weight: 90 kg/ 198 lbs
Eye color:  red
Hair color: extremely pale ash blonde
Complexion: dark
Physical traits: good build, strong muscular legs, agile and flexible. Has slight hyperopia, thus wears glasses sometimes, has very memorable eye shapes and facial structure.
Scars: none yet visible scars to be found, all they disappeared after a certain operation was performed on her by Nui Kun Su. Has a tattoo on her left thigh and calf. 

Character traits

Likes: panda bears, herbal tea, smell of medical herbs, comfortable shoes, expensive gifts, exercising, keeping herself occupied, being in control, things going as planned, her predictions turning out to be true.
Dislikes: ignorance, overestimating and overrating things, thinking of past, clinging people, is known to dislike roses, Ope-Ope no mi users and people who wish to become immortal.
  • Collects war memorabilia. It became a hobby.
  • Have a habit to sit on enemies and generally on people, for emphasis.
  • Laughs to herself for no apparent reason.
  • Often sarcastically adds a "-pon" suffix to names of people who are younger than her which literally means "little one". 
  • Always fixes her glasses when annoyed. 
  • An early riser, can't sleep well in soft beds.
  • Stretches every time after standing, lifting something, sitting for long or during casual conversations.
  • Combs hand through hair often, especially when bored.
  • Polishes her spear for hours when bored or thinking over something.
  • Is always at least ten minutes early to any meeting or appointment.

  • Collected - Ling is always focused - that's something she hides under the mask of boredoom. She always analyses everything around her, always ready to react or take action. She is perfectly aware of what she can do and to whom, and she uses this knowledge as a weapon. And not only this knowledge.
  • Intelligent - she's smart and sly as a fox. She's fast-thinking, but mass of knowledge comes from time and experience, though she seems bored all the time. She has a thing for tactics from her past, relies on her intuition and logic and so far they've served her well enough to keep her alive and make her wanted.
  • Assertive - she knows, what she wants and is able to get this way or other. She's able to talk people into taking her side, agreeing with her decisions so implicitly, they'll believe it was their own decision all along. She hates going bold to things, unless there's no other way around it.
  • Courteous - she's quite polite, since it's her image of a higher status. She won't lower herself to scream or curse, she'll remain respectful and polite no matter what. That also comes to provocation or threatening, Ling Tou takes her sweet time at making people mad with her good manners.
  • Patient - she just has a plenty of time. There's no rush, there is always time to wait till things play into her hands. It doesn't matter if it's days, months or years, Ling Tou will wait as long as it takes to take what she wants.

  • Hypocrite - everything about her is a facade. People are not even aware how much. She's so good at concealing what she really feels, that people who work with her for the longest time can't say when she's telling the truth and when joking. That makes her a good spy and messenger, since she lies about things without a blink of an eye. People grow to believe her "self" she's been building around for years, but never aware from where the strike comes.
  • Callous - Ling is herself's first priority. People who cared about her well-being more than theirs are long dead, so she takes care of herself. She doesn't hide it, she does what she does to get rid of her own boredom, the interests of other groups of people come long after, if at all.
  • Merciless - Though she's not of a violent nature, she's merciless when it comes to tasks. Maybe it's a facade too, but what needs to be done gonna be done. She kills like it's nothing, since the value of human life was greatly shattered in her past.
  • Secretive - everything about her is a mystery. Even things people might know are doubtful - she spreads misinformation, so nobody really knows what's going on. She keeps her things private and this is her right to do so. 
  • Bored - living a long life made her indifferent to things and most parts of what she does she does to cheer herself up a little. This rotten world doesn't seem to change and it really just bores her. That's why she always is changing places and occupations, but it helps for a short periods of time.


  • Devil fruit

Choose-Choose fruit
Japanese name: 読 読 の実 
Romanized name: Sato-Sato no Mi 
Paramecia type

Gives the user the ability to "choose" whatever she wishes to touch, which can make her intangible to any solid objects or treat liquids and air as if they have solid form, so she is able to walk on water and air. She uses this ability to penetrate and kill many of her victims by removing their vital organs without damaging the skin, as well as avoiding damage.

  • Kenbunshoku haki
  • Bososhoku haki
  • Haoshoki haki
She acquired two common types of haki on military training in her homeland about 50 years ago. She's not giving out the circumstances of awakening the Haoshoki haki, only that it happened under worst possible conditions. She possessed mediocre skill for years before going into severe training and mastering them about 20 years ago. She's usually not using her Haoshoki haki much, finds it too bothersome to use and that's a ace in the sleeve she can spare for later. Yet sometimes can't help herself and use it for some dramatic entrance.

  • Spear mastery
In the military training her main specialty were pole arms. She travels with ritual cursed spear she claims to be hers, but actually stolen from her homeland national treasury, for which she gained her first primary bounty. She has basic knowledge of other types of arms, but they don't even match her skill when it comes to spears, which she practiced decades long. 
  • Marital arts
Ling Tou herself is clearly skilled in martial arts of her homeland, even without a spear at hand, and is a skilled athlete. Many of her attacks involve split kicks or ornate gymnastics, and she can easily balance on one leg on the tip of her spear and kick downward at an enemy. She's prone to midair fight too.


Favorite Food: gyodza// dumplings
Animal: otter
Bathing Schedule: every day
Smells like: mint and herbs
Blood type: O
Color: yellow
Theme Song: Shiva In Exile – HE'NEYA
Flower Theme: Lycoris 

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