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Happy Brithday! by Mowwiie
Happy Brithday!
I honestly wanted to draw something more prompt to the occasion but I am so miserable in not being able to color it in da cool way :iconimsotiredcryplz:
I really really love you and miss the convos as much as derping around! But for congratulations, I want to wish you in the upcoming year much inspiration, progress, self-satisfying events, crazy adventures, a lot of epic nakamas around! And well really all you can wish for yourself.
You know it's gonna be just as you think it's gonna be :iconsupertighthugplz:

So have dis lightly suggesting AceBonney on my behalf <3 I luuuuuvvvv uuuuu :iconlazycryrollplz:

Bonney and Ace's hat belong to :iconeiichiroodaplz:
Vilma Van Vinkle [reboot profile] by Mowwiie
Vilma Van Vinkle [reboot profile]
So, remember this sweet bb? 'Speed shot' Vilma van Vinkle ? 
Since I ended up working on all my old OC and now only have 1, I decided I rather give this pretty bird a chance.
And so I did. Kinda. Since everybody does those profiles lol.

So a little of her character, relationships and fruit. TEXT AHOY

Devil Fruit :  Sebu-Sebu no Mi/セーブ セーブの実/.
Paramecia type. Gives power to create space, where a person can put and storage things she wants and then summon them back at will. Uses left hand to put them into "storage space" by touch.
Pros: Summons different types of things during battle, mainly different kinds of artillery, can be very swift. Fruit much useful in her pirate life, keeps treasures and documents organized.
Cons: can’t summon anything but things inside the storage space, has limit of things summoned at once, limit of use time till re-charge. +5 narcolepsy after long use, constantly tired, often physically and mentally exhausted because of "keeping all the things in mind".


Vilma owns all the crew members and her captain her life, or at least she thinks so, they are people who didn't pretend to be somebody else, who were straightly honest and even if they are a bunch of crazy ruthless pirates, she is their nakama and a part of them. Being practically and repeatedly left alone by her family, Vil clings to her cap and her crew as to last straw. She also takes immense pride in them and their dreams and achievements and is ready to do everything for them. Her biggest fears is to let Kid down at some point, so she often struggles out of her abilities to defend their reputation in some almost martyr-like attempts to do something. They find it somehow cute.


You won't obtain a position of a boatswains for nothing. Vilma is smart and can organize herself very well. She does a lot of work with her DF powers around the ship, she's a person who tries to hold every matter going on on their ship under control. Or at least know about everything. She's good at memorizing stuff also, she often does paperwork, holds the bills and manages the budget. Even if she's sleepy and tired, she can hold her shit together and manage the work first. Being afraid to sleep, she would often go and work at night, as it calms her worries. She's often admired for her stamina to do all the boring work instead of just partying along with the others. They still drag her to party with them, even when she loudly opposes.


She can always turn things to jokes and enlighten the mood. Being practically only woman with such a ruthless gang didn't make her gloomy or sinister, on the contrary being with her nakama is hella fun. She let's out her humorous side almost all the time, even tho her humor is rather friendly sarcastic. She has quite a sharp tongue, but she's ready to calm the stresses with jokes of all kind. She doesn't like being embarrassed, but can laugh upon herself most of the time. She's a soft-heart  and understanding towards her nakama, so she knows how to cheer them up. Well, at least a little something in between hard sailing and constant battles. 


Living quite unhappy life made Vilma look on things rather black and white and be down to earth. Together with her sharp tongue and sarcastic sense of humor she's rather very cynical towards most people outside her crew. Cynicism is her healthy reaction to spare her nerves for her crew members, who showed her that the world is rather grey. She's highly mistrustful to strangers, hates lies, so she prefer to call things their names and not just boast with words and play nice guys. 


Only her crew mates know how lively she can be. But most of the time she's just...tired. People can say that she's just calm, but the exhaustion in her voice, slow movements show how much she's tired everyday. Being afraid of even napping, overworking, using her DF causes her to be a little slug. Tiredness makes her easily irritated and aggressive, wanting to eat and sleep but being unavailable to do so hence frustrated. Only captain and Killer can calm her or talk to her senses.

Parents: Gerd van Vinkle [mother, deceased ]|Noah van Vinkle [father]
Siblings: Jens van Vinkle[elder brother, presumable deceased] | [not blood-related grandma] Grid

Gerd van Vinkle – relationships with mother were tough, but they quite understood each other. Gerd rather had seen her daughter home and safe than risking her life, but she knew that Vilma will seek freedom no matter what. Vilma often misses her mom silently.
Noah van Vinkle - previous role-model of Vilma, beloved and sometimes missed. Due to their minelife she grew disappointed of him, especially when she had to leave alone. She despises her father for being weak-minded and having no backbone to change his and her life.
Jens van Vinkle – poor relationship, misunderstood and envious. She don’t understand what is he looking for and why does she appear like a rival to him. Hates her brother for leaving the family at it worst, being selfish and not supportive to their mother as she was still alive, for being a reckless idiot to gone missing.
Grid – much motherly figure to her, Vilma respects Grid with all her heart and adores her. All the matrial and fruit skills she had she obtained thanks to her, so she bears deep gratitude to her only teacher. Grid also was the first person to believe in her [the second being Kid.]
Killer – the person, with whom she has, possible, the best relationship on the ship. Both are reasonable, both can calm Kid if necessary and stay alive, both like pasta. Both have quite themes to chat and fixing Killer’s blades became her habit already. They both have a good sense of reason and both have each other's back during the fights.
Eustass Kid –  Nakamas with benefits. 
They both have a crazy lust for adventures, that makes most of communication quite good and trustful enough. She has a non-ending sense of loyalty to her captain even if they actually do quarrel quite a bit. He was the second person to believe in her and her abilities, also being the person to show her around the world. Being alongside a ruthless psycho doesn't bother her that much while he is an honest ruthless psycho. Dislikes being thrown in the mid-air out of fun of thrown over the shoulder tho.


Mowwiie's Profile Picture
socially awkward BRATWURST
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Hello here~!

Let me introduce myself, or at least try to.
I'm Russian, but also can speak English and German and you can call me Mowwiie in different ways or Ludwig or whatever you feel comfortable with.
I'm 22 y.o and like to spend my free time drawing or taking photos or do some cosplay. I love to chat, so feel free to add me on skype or write me a note (I don't bite, well, maybe a bit).

I imagine with music Stamp by tastelessfate.: Read the comments :. Stamp by Beti-KotLove to make OCs by railaI make stupid faces II by blueheart29Stamp: I Know Canon by virusqIch spreche Deutsch by Tifa22

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