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June 27, 2012
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CDR: Elisabeth Skuratov by Mowwiie CDR: Elisabeth Skuratov by Mowwiie
This is my app for :iconcirque-des-reves: ;A;

I hope I did it at least interesting. :iconlazyweepplz:
Forrrrgive me my mistakes :iconbolincryingplz:

Will clean all till teh next enrollment, cause due my absence it's no point of doing it now

♥ N a m e :
Елизавета Дмитриевна Скуратова/Elisaveta Dmitrievna Skuratova/Elisabeth Skuratov;

♥ A g e :
27 years;

♥ B i r t h d a y :
7th of Juli on Kupala Night;

♥ S p e c i e s :
Human/Witch. Lisa is a species called vedunia (ведунья) which generally is Slavic name for a witch. Her body structure, lifespan and physical abilities are pure human, though she possesses a gift to do “magic”, which excludes normal human psychical abilities and logic;

♥ F a c t i o n : Black

♥ J o b :
Puppeteer – specializes on “winter” performances with ice homunculi presenting various folklore and fantasy tales all over the world. Summons and creates different type of “dolls” from glittering ice dragons to small snowflake fairies and human-like ice beauties.
As additional job Elisaveta sometimes does “wish sales”.

♥ P e r s o n a l i t y :

• Calm
• Polite
• Intelligent
• Accommodating
• Self-disciplined
• Reserved
• Trickster
• Observant

You can ask many people about the character of Elizabeth Skuratov, but there is hardly a single person who will give you a reliable description. Over 27 years of her life Lisa was able to surround herself with an aura of mystery and secrecy, which, like iron curtain, cuts off the few true features of her character that she has not lost over the years.

At first she seems passive, relaxed and detached. In fact Lisa lives under sharp and frequent changes of mood, being very receptive. The whole extravaganza played out inside her, until she learned how to take them under control. Undoubtedly, the desire to exaggerate sometimes returns to her - but maybe it's for the better. The feelings experienced by Lisa sometimes are so strong, that they are passed around. If she is sad – everyone unwittingly is plunged into melancholy and sadness, irritated - and the situation starts to heat up, because other people also lose their composure. It’s difficult to live or just to spend a lot of time next to lady Skuratov. People unwittingly begin to obey her will, experiencing the same emotions she does and being in a nervous tension. Being receptive, she is well aware of her ability "to act on the nerves," but she rarely uses it – it’s an exhausting experience and at this stage of the life of Elizabeth appreciates the peace.

The girl is distinguished by great secrecy and often hides her feelings and thoughts very deep, experiencing them in solitude. She never blames anyone emotionally and wordy: her accusations are silent. For others, especially complete strangers, Lisa is greatly suspicios, not allowing them to her life at close range. She is cautious about sharing own thoughts and feelings with someone, fearing that it might somehow reveal her soul.

Perhaps it’s the way she cares about others. She cannot, of course, be called an extrovert, she’s rather bivalent. She likes to be alone with herself most of the time, but does not avoid humans and large crowds, concerning them as a necessary society from time to time. This does not mean that she treats all people and not people like faceless crowd or "cannon fodder”. To some extent this can be called a perverted form of philanthropy, but she likes watching people, likes to see their reaction and realize that she is its catalyst. She is often interested in extraordinary persons, but as soon as she understands their nature and motives - her interest immediately extinguishes.

If, however, one will clean her off all the layers of masks and social roles, which she has managed to collect in her life, eventually one will see her very unattractive trickster nature in all its diversity. Indeed Lisa as well as many people is characterized by duality, but within a witch like her it really takes an epic scale. Of course, she is much more chthonic and irrational, that prompted her to all sorts of experiments and "pranks". Lisa never restrained herself by any rules; her way of thinking because of her origin has always pushed the scope of what is permitted. As a little girl already, she knew that she was permitted a lot more than other children and saw ways to circumvent the moral and social norms. With a lively imagination and intellect she easily circumvented the ban, which a normal person would not dare to violate. On the other hand, these same rules, or say moral principles can unexpectedly lead her actions based on the instantaneous mood.

Both "shadow" and "light" sides of her character were perceived by her as a given, as something that cannot be stifled or denied inside - that shows a healthy share of self-love in the fullness of her own character.

Concerning all those things that her nature pushes her to do, Lisa is also surprisingly calm. She can manipulate - she will do it because the ability is given her and has to be used. She can understand the motives and human psychology - she would play with it if she wants till she gets bored, just like a child. Lisa sees people as a joyful object of study - since a long time she does not believe in things like love or friendship. Accustomed to rely only on herself, she has never experienced the first and had frequent failures with the second. Elizabeth is well aware of how disgusting and impartially her “true” self will look in the eyes of others, so tries to avoid close contact. Knowing how deceitful people can be and she herself among them, she does not want to face this in her address. It is necessary to add her overall secrecy, as the desire of intimacy will disappear by itself. And the love of a witch is a very difficult thing, and Elizabeth did not want to depend on it.

Skuratov does not like to be in subjection. She is, as already mentioned, quite self-loving and hence dreams of self-assertion and domination over others. If she has set herself a goal of some sort, then Lizaveta will go to it, not content with intermediate results. She constantly has a goal in front of her, always making efforts to arrange something (and preferably all) greater than it is today. This may be not only material goods but also the love of a man or success in society. At the same time Lisa will never advertise their goals, but they are almost always present in her life.
Skuratov is very possessive. The idea that she can expect some losses is painful for Elizabeth. Especially she is afraid of losing what gives her the security and warmth.

Accommodating. Prefers to argue with no one, proves nothing and eliminates from the conflict before it occurs. If she is present in some dispute, she behaves politely, not taking sides openly. She quickly goes off the dispute in silence, or even with a smile, but not in any way does forget about the insult. Whenever it is possible to take revenge, Elizabeth will use it immediately, just to make the offenders feel sorry for their deed.

Even so, none action of her is random, even if it seems so. You cannot ask her: "Do you realize what you do?" So much the more. Calculated in advance where she must hit to hurt. However, Lisa is able to motivate every action, explain and present it so that it was done with good intentions, even if it wasn't.

Of course now Lisa has to mostly keep herself restrained. So, that often "harsh Russian character", which is a thick layer of snow covering the bare "ground", is taken by people for Elisaveta’s true essence, the same harsh and alienated as the Russian winter.

♥ H i s t o r y :

The life of Elizabeth Dmitrievna Skuratov began in not the most pleasant and usual way. Thoroughbred witch on the maternal side, she was, so to say "passion fruit" of her mother, who had wit enough to charm the son of a local landowner. Of course it was fleeting and any relationships based on witchcraft tend to stop, like such magic itself. However, Sophia Nikolaevna, Lisa's mother was desperate to maintain the relationship despite the fading magic between them. She argued that he should stay with her for the sake of the unborn child.

Lisa was born on the night of Ivan Kupala, the pagan feast of the unity of fire and water. At this time, the rivers and lakes are clean off all evil and all life is filled with magical powers. This time of magic cleansing greatly affected Elisabeth’s magic abilities. Her powers were far superior to her mother’s. Anyway surprisingly she only got blue eyes from her mother; the rest of girl’s appearance she inherited from her father and especially the fiery-red colored hair.

Since childhood her mother coached her daughter in the art of the witchcraft. Coming from a lower class, Sophia wanted her daughter to have all that she deserved. As the firstborn and only child of the wealthy Dmitry Skuratov, she should have inherited the estate and wealth of her father. The little girl did not mind. Despite being constantly of help to her mother, Lisa still always found time for herself - even as a child she understood what motivated her mother, and that would be expected in the future. Peer relations were strained, witches were scorned and reviled by all. So Skuratov had to find herself some entertainment on her own and soon her own society and the nature around her were sufficient to carry on. When she reached the age suitable for working, she got a job at the family estate on the most simple and dirty work - she didn’t complain about it in order to achieve her goal to leave the small village using her father’s wealth.

Elizabeth knew that going in the footsteps of her mother is an absolutely stupid idea, so in her head she planned to go much further. She had everything to charm everyone – wit, intelligence, actress talent and beautiful appearance. Her father amenable to young girls quickly fell for her, and in the end she was his favorite. His wife died from a “sudden” illness, and those who had the courage to suspect Elizabeth of witchcraft in this regard, ended up dying mysteriously without warning. After successfully pulling the wool over all servants eyes, Skuratov has made Dmitry to financial support her and even the recognize her as his own daughter. After receiving the money and status, she quickly gathered her things and left the village, leaving her mother and knowing well that once she leaves the estate, almost hypnotic effect she had on Dmitry Skuratov will quickly disappear. But she did not care about it, as well as about the fate of her mother.

The next stop in Lisa's life was St. Petersburg. The road to it was probably the longest in her life. But Lisa knew that the capital is finally able to satisfy her ambition: to get the necessary education and do real magic - not by the fruits of pagan relic, which her mother taught her, but things more serious and complicated. In St. Petersburg Lisa had relatives who owned a pharmacy. Lisa settled there and used her father's money in the "Higher Education Courses" for women. Skuratov too did not waste any time - access to the new environment and the necessary acquaintance gave her what she wanted: new knowledge. She quickly became involved with magic related to water and other liquids, as well as blood. Extraordinary magical abilities have helped her in this, and in certain circles Elizabeth has become extremely famous.

She was still a teenager as she has done a lot of relative malicious things and took on all sorts of magic, whether it was someone else's fortune-telling, or rewriting one’s fate. She enjoyed unlimited power and she liked to be confident in her own abilities. This lifestyle and behavior however, led to some morally questionable decisions.

When a modest life in a pharmacy got boring to her, Elizabeth presented herself to society, successfully pushing the relatives of her father in St. Petersburg. At this time she also traveled inside Russia, visiting iconic magical places.

In this moment of her life she met a man, the meeting with whom was fateful. It was Gregory Rasputin. At that time he presented himself as nothing of what he became later, and their meeting was accidental. It was a fatal act, namely the change in his fate. It is unlikely that she knew exactly what consequences it could bring, as it is, in any event it is individual and any slight change of fate can change the course of history. This was something with what she dealt, diluted to such a move. One would think that could go wrong?

Once Skuratov returned to St. Petersburg, she felt strange - she began to shiver with a strong fever that has not happened since her childhood – nothing helped against it and her magical power began to weaken. A few days later she noticed what a rigor spot appeared on her hand - the skin turned blue, similar to a corpse, and was gradually overgrown with frost.

Realizing that this is no accident, she did not freak out. She decided to find out what happened to her. It was not easy to do it in such a short time, but in the end, she found an old hag of her own kin, which not without irony noted that Skuratov was guilty of all her troubles herself. During the time while she focused mainly on entertaining herself and living selfishly, she managed to accumulate a karmic debt for more than a single life, but her last spell was too serious. Does Elizabeth like to admit it or not, but she spent her life rash and in her own favor, was idle and irresponsible, having lost her original orientation. If this continues, her soul and her body will turn into a piece of ice and she will melt with the first rays of summer sun. So Lisa had no other choice, but to devote her life to the redemption of this debt.
Finally the old woman gave her a bag of fortunetelling bones: they were called to assist her in making good things. After all the "evil" that she had committed, she should redeem the same amount of good deeds.

Thus began her journey.

Actually, the bones were not of big help for her- they just indicated the direction of her migration. The rest the witch had to do herself. By the time of her arrival in Poland her rigor spot almost vanished. However her own nature has changed – Lisa had become more calm, intelligent and thoughtful. She learned to restrain her trickster impulses and other manifestations of magical power, more involved in theoretical magic.

Her change in demeanor also affected her magic strongly. From changing water and a sharp fire magic, it became more static and calm ice.

In Poland the bones brought her to the circus for the first time. It was an unforgettable spectacle that sparkled in her fairly empty heart at least some fraction of interest. But she was only a spectator, watching that magically beautiful show. The circus did not stay long in Warsaw, and only at the next morning she found out that bone lead her to another location. Belatedly she came to understand that it was not the town and country, but the circus that she had to meet. So Elizabeth believed that the bones led her to the circus because it would be her place of redemption and atonement.

Several years have passed in constant traveling from place to place - Skuratov could not catch circus, nor could she find out anything sensible about it, but at the same time she was confident that she was on its trail.

And 2 years later, strings brought her to the Christmas Berlin. Although Elizabeth has never thought about life circus girl, she was already prepared mentally for this kind of work and even had time to reflect on her own talents. Seeing the ghostly, but the familiar circus tents, which spread at the Alexanderplatz, she hurried back and without hesitation asked for a job.

♥ V o i c e

Smooth, velvety voice. Accustomed to speak slowly and her voice is quite sensitive, but not enough to reveal her inner emotions. Speaks with some accent, which is especially evident in the pronunciation of the guttural sound of "R".
(as a VA I could think of…Mila Yovovitch? XD)

♥ L i k e s :

- Cloudy weather
- Good sewn and accurate dresses
- Forests and pure nature
- Tea with lemon
- Shawls of any kind
- Antiques
- Magic books
- Navy blue color
- To secretly prank
- Then everything goes just as planned

♥ D i s l i k e s :

- Noise
- Very hot weather
- Very emotional people
- Being dragged into conflict
- Fortune telling
- People who use their magic irresponsibly
- Sudden, unexpected changes

♥ F a m i l y :

Dmitry Sergeevitch Skuratov – father, 48 y.o human, current info unknown.

Sofia Nikolaevna Geogevski – mother, 44 y.o, witch, current info unknown

♥ R e l a t i o n s h i p s :

Has no stable yet.

♥ M I S C/O t h e r I n f o r m a t i o n:
Can add some additional habits later

- She has a flying sleigh, drawn by a bear
- She likes her samovar and has tea three times a day
- Her scepter is just a show off – she can cast magic without it
- She isn’t into running and has no physical fight abilities
- She can actually play piano
- She easily (and without shame) collects money for her needs from people who once used her abilities
- Her rigor spot didn’t disappear, so she constantly wears long sleeves
- She speaks Russian, German and English
- She likes to curse in Russian with a pokerface

♥ R P m e t h o d s :
Notes, DA comments, chat, forum
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Ну что американцы пишут русские имена через кое-как мне понятно, а вот зачем русским коверкать их наамериканский манер мне не понятно. Это неправильно.
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Аналогично западные имена в переводе на русский не меняются, мы не зовем человека по имени Eric Arthur Blair Эрик Артурович Блэеров. Он так и будет Эрик Артур Блэйр.
Рисунок кстати хорош, хоть и не мой стиль.
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